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The Best Ice-Cream Makers For Home

We got around to cranking out dozens and dozens of frozen experiments a while ago—and while this might sound a little ominous for a humble lil’ cookware blog, we promise we aren’t up to no good. We’re simply aiming to get the best ice-cream maker out there to your attention.

Of course, like all of our other tested wares, we based our stellar picks upon a (hark!) hallowed set of criteria. No one would appreciate half-baked ice-cream, after all, so we needed to make absolutely sure our soon-to-be ranked machines nailed the job.

How Did We Pick?

Speed of Freezing Process

You can expect an effectual machine to turn out a no-strings-attached, utterly creamy result (with as little of those peskily unappetizing ice crystals as possible). It’s a universal ethos that pretty much dictates our enjoyment of ice-cream—God forbid we leave this crucial detail out.

The key is to get a machine that will freeze your ice-cream mixture as swift as the wind. Generally, you can expect compressor machines to churn out smoother textures due to how quickly they freeze ice-cream bases over.

Speed of Dasher

The ‘dasher’ refers to the paddle you’d have seen as an iconic staple-member of all ice-cream machines. How fast it turns will determine how much air gets into your mixture. The more air capsules your ice-cream contains, the more concentrated its aroma will be, and the higher its fat content. Officially, we’d refer to the amount of air contained in a batch of ice-cream as ‘overrun’.

Apart from these two prime criteria, we opted to leave out hand-cranked ice-and-salt ice-cream makers. These old-fashioned babies need to be handled manually, and take a bit too much effort to churn.

And with that, we’d like to proudly present our number 1 pick: the Whynter ICM-15LS. And before we dive into our analysis, we’d like to first assure you—we didn’t simply pick this for the ticklish pun in its name.

Whynter ICM-15LS

Whynter ICM-15LS

This baby promises smooth batches of ice-cream with certainty, while they didn’t turn out to be the smoothest out of all of our ‘test subjects’, the Whynter did churn them out at the quickest rate, keeping them above par and delectable all the same.

$272* from Amazon

Overall, you can expect the Whynter to offer you pronouncedly creamy textures and minimal ice crystals.

Furthermore, the Whynter produces ice-cream with an overrun of 53%. This translates into an iced mixture that’s just the right touch of both airy AND rich. Overall, we think the Whynter is more than worth its comparatively reasonable price ($274).

Breville Smart Scoop

Breville Smart Scoop

The Breville managed to turn out creamier batches than our champion pick, and is equipped with a handy keep-cool function that keeps your ice-cream frozen and churned up for almost three hours.

$344* from Amazon

Unfortunately, it’s priced considerably higher than the Whynter (at $345), and we don’t deem its marginal perks worth the price disparity here.

Still, if you’re willing to pay more for an added facet of satisfaction, the Breville might be the ice-cream maker for you. It produces ice-cream with an overrun of about 54%—a Perfect Balance we found exemplified in the ice-cream we made: all pristinely churned up, creamy and even directly eatable from the machine itself (no added freezing necessary).

Lello 4080 Musso Lussino

Lello 4080 Musso Lussino

You can count on the ever-sleek Musso Lussino to churn out the most luxurious ice-cream within the bounds of just your home.

$765* from Amazon

The results we got from the Musso Lussino dominated brutally in the taste department.

Unfortunately, this costlier ($765) model verges a tad on the unwieldy side, and can be quite the challenge to clean. Still, we recommend this for the perfectionists and all the never-bowing, homegrown ice-cream aficionados that like their batches picture-(and palate!)-perfect.

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