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The Best Refrigerator – Top 4 Best Rated Fridges

When it comes to finding the perfect refrigerators for you house, you need to consider a few things. You need to assure that the refrigerator will be affordable yet reliable. And when it comes to space, it’s crucial that you find the size right enough so it would not take up much space.

However,  if you’re the type that choose quality over anything, we have listed down some refrigerators that might catches your eye.

#1 : Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ

Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ

This French refrigerator is one of the most affordable, quiet and efficient.

$1,700 from Home Depot

The space inside the refrigerator is spacious enough to hold an amount of food for a family of 6 and still has a bit more room for drinks. And when it comes to the noise, they’ve been no complaints coming from owners, either. It’s not that fancy except it comes with an ice-maker inside but it’s shiny, French door design could make your refrigerator looking modern and classy in years to come.

#2 : Samsung RF28HMEDB

Samsung RF28HMEDB

Well, if you have a big house with a big enough room for your kitchen, why not get this one?

$2,100* from Home Depot

It has four doors and comes with blue LEDs (which is kind of cool), and shelves with silver trim on it. Some owners love the four door look and it’s unique features. But then again, this refrigerator may not be worth buying if you’re looking for quality. People just like this one because it looks fancy.

#3 : GE GTS18GTH


So technically, if you’re on budget, this simple, minimum yet traditional fridge can still show that it’s still reliable in the least.

$540 from Home Depot

I feel that most people should consider getting this because this fridge is honestly a time-saver and will likely have the least issues when it come to reliability concern or factory defect.

#4 : Maytag MFF2258FE

Maytag MFF2258FE

This is the slimmer version of the Whirpool we just explained as the first choice.

$1620* from Home Depot

It’s somewhat identical yet, the same pros and cons still apply for this fridge here. On additional note, this 33-inch fridge is not on high demand as the 36-inch so the price for this fridge tend to be higher.


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