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The Best Dishwasher – Our In-Depth Review

Now if you’re the type to leave your used plates and cups in the sink without washing them, then it’s about time you should get a dishwasher. But what type of dishwasher are you looking? There are so many good quality dishwashers today that choosing one would be tough.

But not to worry, we’ve set a list of dishwashers for you that are promising and will be worth the penny.

#1 : Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N & Bosch 300 Series SHX863WD5N

Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N

$720 from ABT

Bosch 300 Series SHX863WD5N

$764 from ABT

These two are basically the same machine but have different style. These 2 dishwasher are the best-selling models than all of the Bosch dishwashers. These dishwashers are so quiet in doing their job unless you stand right next to them. What’s great about this dishwasher is it has the lowest repair services, a much better warranty and in term in customer service, it’s great. But the downside of it is that it doesn’t really fit cereal bowls that are deep and it leaves plastic dishes a little wet.

#2 : KitchenAid KDTM354ESS

KitchenAid KDTM354ESS

This particular dishwasher is yet another quiet one, easy-to-load and comes with a few differences than our main pick.

$810 from Home Depot

The heat-dry option is technically much better at drying especially plastic cutlery. And when it comes to deep cereal bowls, this dishwasher’s racks are well-equipped for this. However, the sad part of this dishwasher is that it’s not been reliable for the past few years, and can only fit fewer dishes.

#3 : Maytag MDB4949SD

Maytag MDB4949SD

This one of those cheapest dishwasher you can find that’s actually great. It feels more solid and has more than a thousand reviews that says this dishwasher is very reliable.

$494 from Home Depot

Oh, have I mention that it has a one of the best warranties? It terms of cleaning, this dishwasher does a terrific job, however, it can hold fewer dishes, is loud, runs longer and uses more energy.

#4 : Miele Classic Plus G4976SC

Miele Classic Plus G4976SC

Now if you don’t mind paying a little bit more for a dishwasher then this might be the one for you.

$1,100 from AJ Madison

It’s honestly one of the most powerful within the industry and often lasts twice as long as compare to the other dishwashers. In Miele, this is one of the most affordable, with a stainless finish, a third rack, short-cycle controls and hidden controls. And if that doesn’t impressed you, this dishwasher is very efficient, great at drying and an excellent cleaner.

#5 : Bosch 300 Series SPE53U55UC

Bosch 300 Series SPE53U55UC

This one is meant for the smaller kitchens.

$720 from ABT

It’s reliable as the other big Bosch washers and is quiet. Although, it doesn’t include a third rack, but it does have a tray for water-softening salts.

How we Picked

We’ve made a list of dishwasher that we can find, even some which are dated back 2 years ago. Of all the dishwasher we have found, here is how we categorize through them:

Crucial bare minimum features: We first cut down models that doesn’t meet our necessary requirements. We’re looking out for features such as:

  • Nylon-coated racks: Nylon doesn’t really crack much even if it’s over time yet expose the frame wire underneath it.
  • A soil sensor: It’s also known as the turbidity sensor, which basically tells your dishwasher to either end the cycle or extend depending on how much dishes you’ve got in there.
  • A stainless steel tub: This does not make much noise and it speeds up the drying course than a plastic tub.

There’s been a few models which are missing the first of the two features, yet, dozens of them still have plastic tubs.

Important, useful features: We looked into specific features that make dishwasher awesome.

  • Flexibility and intuitive racking: An adjustable upper height rack and a number of folding tines sets to help make the space have enough room for tall and big items such as trays, pots and big bowls. The third counter will be for the utensils as well as cooking tools which will be placed on the lower counter, to avoid them from getting crowded. Then we have the obvious counters,  for instance, to widen the size.
  • Quiet operation: Anything which less than 45 decibels could not be heard unless you’re squatting next to your dishwasher. It’s literally silent so let’s just say you’re in another room, there’s no doubt that you’d be able to hear it.
  • A good reputation for reliability and customer service: Normally, if you want to see how good their customer service and also the reliability, always focus on the users. User reviews are one of the ways to know if the product provides you good service even if it’s under warranty.

Less-important features: Some features may seem important to you for example cleaning performances or capacity but honestly they’re all just similar to other models and not worth to be stressed over.  We made sure that our dishwashers are excellent cleaners and doesn’t take up much energy.

  • Cleaning ability: If you used your dishwashers correctly, most likely you’ll be happy with the results because most dishwashers now are great cleaners.
  • Drying style: About half of the modern dishwashers today have pretty good drying skills. The other half are mostly relies on condensation, without the added extra heat after the final rinse. We don’t favor any style but we’d like to make recommendations for both types, which in the end it depends on your choices.
  • Cycles and options: Majority of the people used rinse, heavy and auto/normal cycles. Certain dishwashers have more settings compared to others and to be honest, we somewhat favored those with an option to run a faster yet normal-powered cycle. 
  • Advertised capacity: For this one, it’s normally been measured in settings. But in other words, almost all dishwasher could hold between fourteen and sixteen settings.
  • Efficiency: Not one of our priority, however, since all dishwashers are efficient. To give you a slight idea how efficient it is, the most efficient dishwasher out there (also very expensive) could save your electricity consumption by $10 and less than 1 gallon of water.
  • Waste disposal: Almost all dishwashers today have filters whereby they can get rid of those excess stains. A number of people prefer dishwashers which have a grinder or masticator in order to shatter the food.

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