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The Best Whisks For Your Cooking Needs

Whisk that batter into cake!

Every kitchen needs a whisk in their list of cookware, i mean, you can’t do much and go far without a whisk. No, you can’t whisk using a spatula or spoon, it won’t be the same. But not all whisk is helpful, some even hinder your cooking progress.  So here we’re going to list down few help whisks for you.

How We Chose The Best

The first thing we did was to choose shape and size of the whisk that should be tested. There are many whisks out there, so you could just go and buy them, but we really thought what everyone want is a multi purpose whisk that can complements every kitchen tasks from whisking cream to salad dressing or stir sauce to make it lump free efficiently. But besides the shapes and sizes there are other features that we took into consideration. Such as:

Strength and flexibility

A good whisk always have a fair amount of bounciness in them. The speed and strength of your whisking stroke is amplify further by reverberating springy wires. Should the wires are too thick and stiff, the whisk won’t give much extra force, thus, turning whisking into a real chore and labour work. Though if the wires are too thin and floppy can be a real pain too, they will tend to bend instead of stirring should batter or sauce is real thick.

Number Of Wires On The Whisk

The number of wires plays crucial role in a whisk’s efficiency. As you whip or stir with a whisk, every single wires blend the ingredients and vacuums in air. Its only logical that the more wires you have, the faster and efficiently the ingredients aerate and emulsify. So we remove whisks that have less than 10 wires from our list.


We discovered during the testing that grip with more contour to it feels more comfortable than the one that doesn’t. But if the more common, cylindrical grip can be comfortable enough to hold if they’re around 1 inch in diameter, though if the grip is too skinny it would be hard to grip in your firm fist, and if its too thick it would uncomfortable to hold in a pencil grip.


Replacing a worn out whisk won’t cost you much, but still, it’d be a hassle for you to every now and then go and buy a new whisk. So, a good whisk at least could last a few years at best, without having the wires bent or wires splayed like bristles on old tooth-brush.

What We Really Looked For

But what looked for the most in a whisk are comfort and efficiency, so we tested every whisk for both with a couple of simple tasks such as whipping egg whites and whipping cream. Using a stainless steel whisk, we took the timing of how long for it to whisk it into soft peaks. We later repeated the task on heavy cream in a cup. We also paid close attention to the comfort of handling each whisk be it pencil grip or fist. And things like, does the whisk clunk against the bowl or spring off them?

Next, we tested it using the classic and basic pastry task: whipping pastry cream in a saucepan, to see whether it was strong and durable enough to stir the thick pastry cream and if its narrow enough to reach the corner of the pan.

The Whipping Whisking Champ: OXO Good Grips 11-Inch Balloon Whisk

OXO Good Grips 11-Inch Balloon Whisk

It is lightweight, comfortable to hold and versatile to boot! It can quickly get any whipping, stirring, and whisking job done!

$10 from Jet (set of six)
$10 from Amazon (set of six)

The unique and comfortable handle won’t make your grip feels uncomfortable even through long bouts of stirring. It is suitable for just about  any task; from whipping cream to whisking vinaigrette to stirring batter. OXO Good Grips has strong wires on it to give that extra force and has the just right width to perform excellently and equally at whipping up cream and reaching for that cream in the tight corners. Its rounded and grip friendly handle is the most comfortable handle we had tried so far, no matter if you’re holding in fist or pencil grip. 

This whisk is also one of the most easiest and efficient to use out of all. This thanks to the lightweight wires it has, the lightweight wires has caused the whisk to bouncy and agile instead of floppy and wimpy. It sure did made a quick of whipping up the egg white as it only took 3 minutes and 50 seconds while whisks took well over 4 minutes just to whip egg whites.

During the pastry cream whipping, we found out that this whisk’s narrow balloon shape can easily be maneuver around small saucepan. The width of the wires end about 2 3/4 inches across its widest, it can reach the corners of most pots and pans as well as keep things from sticking.

The rounded, bulbous grip is our favourite feature for this whisk. The bulbous end fits nicely in your palm, while tapered just right towards the wires so you can hold in pencil grip comfortably. Plus, if you often pencil grip the thermoplastic elastomer, a rubber-like material that is soft and comfortable to your knuckles compared to stainless steel. And the best thing is it is very cheap.

Winco 12-Inch Stainless Steel Piano Wire Whip

Winco 12-Inch Stainless Steel Piano Wire Whip

This runner in our test may not be as comfortable and has the versatility of OXO Good Grips, but its well built, and adept enough for any tasks.

$5 from Jet (set of six)
$5 from Amazon (set of six)

Don’t worry them wires, they just as strong and springy as our top pick, and the grip is comfortable enough to help you withstand vigorous bouts of whipping, stirring and whisking.

The best part about this Winco whisk is that it has 12 bouncy wires on it, unlike Good Grips which only has 10 wires on it. The extra 2 wires what give this whisk extra whisking power to it needed to complete; which why it was the fastest to whip cream, it took 3 minutes to finish whipping.

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