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The Best Measuring Spoons for Cooks

People who’ve never stepped foot into the kitchen all their lives might just underestimate the heft of a ‘mere’ measuring spoon, but you and I know better. A too-wide one could barely fit into a spice jar, and a too-shallow one is just a recipe for inordinate spills.

Fret not—after testing the worthiness of about hundreds of ordered spoon sets, we’ve put together yet another list of top picks to ease your shopping distress. Here’s how we narrowed the market down to the list you’ll eventually scroll down to.

How Did We Pick?

Variety and Versatility

You can expect a robust measuring spoon set to feature a tablespoon, a teaspoon, a ½ teaspoon, and a ¼ teaspoon. A ⅛ spoon would prove to be a great appendage for those hankering after the extra accuracy, but overall, it isn’t necessary. The first four, however, should be non-negotiable.


We’ve deemed stainless steel spoons to surpass plastic ones where usability is concerned. The latter has proven bulkier in our observations, and can’t be stored as nicely or comfortably. There is even a risk of plastic spoons buckling in dishwashers, and so their inferior resilience have led us to omit them entirely. Ceramic spoons, naturally, are even more out of the question—they don’t exactly couple well with consistent use, and lack intrinsically in sturdiness.

Accuracy in Design

We glossed over spoons with novelty designs, because while they tend to look irresistibly cute, they’re a few notches too short of practical. We’re talking about spoons shaped like hearts, or even Mason jars. They trade too much accuracy in for aesthetics, and aren’t great for recipes that demand military precision. Prettiness can’t carry a botched recipe, after all.

After factoring all these essential criteria into our choices, we’ve decided on the Prepworks by Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoons. Cast your eyes below for an in-depth review!

Prepworks by Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Prepworks by Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoons

The first thing we’re just dying to brag about where this set is concerned is it isn’t held together by your classic metal ring—rather, a magnet keeps this set intact, and this not only makes them easily storable, but easy to separate too.

$14* from Amazon

Nifty, huh? Plus, it’s got all four of the essential spoons we established early on.

These spoons also boast a great design. First off, they’re double-ended, so you would’ve essentially purchased two sets of spoons for the price of one. You could easily alternate between wet and dry scoops while simply using one spoon, as well (convenient, eh?). Secondly, they’re seamlessly maneuverable, and won’t threaten a scuffle with the mouths of your innocent spice jars. And lastly, you can count on them to level your ingredients fairly cleanly.

Of course, while we’re pretty much 100% confident about our Prepworks pick, we’d still like to recommend a runner-up for those a little tougher on their spoons.

Cuisipro Stainless Measuring Spoon Set

Cuisipro Stainless Measuring Spoon Set

This is a sturdy set that includes a ⅛ teaspoon alongside the Core Four Prerequisites we mentioned. Its material? Heavy-gauge stainless steel.

$14* from Amazon

The material itself is pleasantly impermeable to rust, and won’t buckle so easily under pressure. You can expect the spoons to weigh more significantly in your hand, too, contributing to a steadier grip than most other, lighter spoons would.

As for design, they boast a modestly effective oval shape that will enable them to fit in most spice jars. In addition to that, the cups of the spoons are just right—deep enough so your precarious ingredients won’t spill over so easily.

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